The Story of Mad Taco

MAD taco is not your ordinary “taco shop”. Sure, we have tacos, but that’s like saying, “sure, Ferrari sells cars”. Yea, that’s right we are the Ferrari of tacos! It’s a bold statement for sure but we intend to back it up. If we can’t strive to give you our very best, to amaze you with every visit, then what’s the point?

We aren’t looking to be another mediocre restaurant. We make everything from scratch. The tacos are deep with flavor, we have developed a unique tortilla that you won’t find anywhere else, we have invented Latin American pizzas (and if they exist somewhere, then we are redefining them), and we have very interesting and fun chef inspired margaritas and cocktails.

And even though our menacing looking logo suggests that we are emotionless to the bone, our little heart is real and reminds us that we are here to serve and committed to people and excellence. Yes, we are a ”bad boy” taco shop, but we are your “bad boy” taco shop!

Time to “Taco Up” people!

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