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Update #6

All I can say is WOW!

You are all so wonderful for coming out yesterday. Please accept my apologies for the mistakes we made yesterday, including some of the long waits. There is so much to say, I don’t know where to beginning and don’t know if I can get it all in without writing a novel.

Thankful cannot begin to express how we all felt yesterday. The emotional wear and tear of this ordeal is tremendous and it is not only negative. Bringing flowers, tipping generously, writing notes on your receipts, shouting out words of encouragement… all kept us going yesterday. Some of you may have received Peter Madden tears in a little bit of your food as many times I welled-up thinking about the generous nature of our community. (I promise I didn’t really let tears fall into your food). Because of your support, we were able to bring in 2-3 more employees yesterday to give them a chance a making it through all of this. Thank you for that!

God really showed Himself yesterday and many days during this whole situation. I am so grateful for my faith and the ability to speak to Him daily to give me peace and the strength to endure; whatever enduring looks like. Thank you all so much.

Here are some bullets:

  • We jammed up Rx Pizza yesterday with our drive-thru line. We will have someone outside today directing online order vehicles to our parking spaces in front of the restaurant to keep the line from getting too long, and so that you don’t have to wait in the line.
    • Please be mindful that Rx is doing delivery out of their front door and need to be able to get to their vehicles as well as maneuver to get in and out.
    • We will do our best to direct you as you approach.
  • We bought all the tequila that Specs had yesterday, and you bought all that we had! Thank you for that. We won’t be able to get more “legal tequila” until Specs gets more in. Probably mid-next week. But we are still selling our mix and you can buy your own tequila until we get more.
    • We still have beer
  • We are likely to close early today as we are running low on to-go boxes and some of our menu offerings. Also, we plan on closing Monday to recuperate. The physical exertion of 14-16 hour days combined with the emotional aspect of all this is draining and we need the time.
    • We will send out a post if we do close early today

I think I was supposed to give more information here, but honestly, I cannot think of it and it is time to get to work. I wish I had the words to convey my feelings of gratitude; I hope “thank you” will suffice for now.

And thank you to our restaurant friends; we have come together as a group and shared insights and advice and it has been extremely helpful. Praying for us all!

Update #5

Hello Everyone,

Here is a MAD taco update. I will try to be precise as I am sure we are all absorbing a tremendous amount of information right now. We are remaining closed today at both locations. Thank you all for your concerns and continued support of MAD taco. I know there has been a lot of discussion about what we are doing as well as hopes that we will reopen.

We will and we are ready to fight it out with you!

I am sorry that we have been dormant a couple of days but as you can guess, there is so much to take in and address; it is difficult to stay informed while also trying to be productive with moving forward.

The bullet-ed plan is this:

  1. We are closing the University/Texas ave store indefinitely until things change.
  2. We are moving all food and paper products from that location to the Greens Prairie location today
  3. We will reopen tomorrow, Saturday, March 21st using our pickup window as a full on drive thru. And we are working on staffing ourselves with delivery drivers but that will take a few days to set up.
  4. Online order and call in ordering will be available as well.
  5. We will have a limited menu of our items that are fast and cost effective for you and for us.
  6. We will no doubt be removing some of your favorite items from our menu, but under the circumstances, we simply have to keep costs down for ourselves and for you.
  7. I have let go the majority of our staff and will be utilizing 7-8 employees whom I pray I/we can support through our efforts.
  8. As we will be working a lot, we will likely have limited hours and be closed 1-2 days per week to recuperate and love on our families.
  9. For now, we plan to be open from 11am-8pm, Tuesday through Saturday or Tuesday through Sunday. We will let you help us decide when you want us to be open. The immediate plan is to open tomorrow. We may or may not close on Monday next week, depending on how things are going. In these times a day to sit back and take all this in is needed.
  10. We will take full advantage of the new alcohol laws and be selling Margaritas and beer both to-go and with delivery. We are still working on the details and hope to have a system set very soon.
  11. We know we are going to mess this up a bit in the beginning. I sincerely and humbly ask your forgiveness as we negotiate a new way of doing business.

Also, I am so very grateful to the landlords, vendors, creditors, etc, for all they are doing to help in this situation. The only way we can survive is to help each other. Saying thank you all very much does not begin to cover the level of gratitude I need to be expressing. I continue to pray for all of us. I hope this effort will help MAD taco survive to the other side of this ordeal. I have no expectations of making a profit, I just want to take care of as many people as I can with whatever you the public sees fit to give at this point. Thank you all and God keep you.

We will continue to post here and to our website to keep you updated.

Update #4

Hello All,

I have already sent out one post today. I am following that up with this announcement. We will be closed tonight and all day tomorrow (Wednesday night and All day Thursday).

Today was our true test of how the virus would affect our business and to be fully transparent, the University store did less than $400 in sales for lunch and the Greens Prairie location did less than $800. Those numbers are about 70% lower than normal and well below what we need to pay for food, electricity, staff etc.

I am so sorry, we just cannot remain open for the time being. I will evaluate tonight and tomorrow to see if there is a scenario in which MAD taco can operate and still pay staff and bills. Unfortunately, to go sales just won’t be enough to sustain us. So much needs to happen in order for businesses to survive in this environment, and while you, the customers, are all willing to support, we also need banks, landlords, vendors, government entities to all come together to slow the expenses. I must add that I have spoken with many of these different entities and they are feeling it also. They are not immune to what is happening and are in the same boat we are and I feel for them and pray for them. I don’t think any of us know what to do.

I see the city of Bryan has closed all restaurants and bars and I am sure CS will follow suit soon.

Thank you all. Please continue to monitor this facebook page and our website for updates.

Update #3

Well, here’s the 3rd installment of the MAD taco update. Unfortunately, the weekend has been dramatically slow for us. I greatly appreciate everyone’s support and all of you who have braved the situation to visit us and other local businesses.

We have decided to close at 2pm today and extend that to all day tomorrow, Monday March 16. We will be meeting this afternoon as a management team to evaluate the situation and create some clarity on moving forward. Specifically, I want to understand how they are feeling about things and have a discussion on how we can best serve our guests during this time. Monday, we will have a meeting with our entire staff to discuss some of the same things and to gauge how the situation is impacting them and their families. I sincerely hope that we can supply each other with some comfort.

Like many of you, I am more concerned with the economic impact than with getting sick. Again, I do not know the wisdom of my decisions, but I could use the day and a half to talk out loud with our team, assess all that is going on, create a plan, and most of all to spend some time with God and my family. I admit that I am fully unprepared for such a situation and have no idea on how to handle it. I am thinking on my feet and just working in the Greens Prairie location trying to be hopeful.

We are a wonderful community. Again, thank you for the support, prayers, and well wishes. I want you all to know, I understand. I understand that you want to be supportive, but that in uncertain times, it is difficult to know how to apply that support. I am the same way. I desperately want things to churn along like normal, but the circumstances are not normal unfortunately, and we are simply a little lost (speaking for myself).

I am probably saying too much, but at this point, transparency seems appropriate. MAD taco will reopen Tuesday at 11:00am with a renewed vigor, tasty tacos, and yummy margaritas.

Many of you have asked about ordering gift cards on line. We are working it. Hopefully that will be available by Tuesday.

Thank you so much. I will continue to pray for us all.

Update #2

Hello All,

I don’t know where to begin. I have read through the responses and support we received to the social media post. I am moved to tears and thankful for the likes, shares and the warm comments made by many of you. As I struggle to find the right things to say and do, I can only reflect on how great God is and how grateful I am to Him that He has chosen to bless me with a supportive community. What a fantastic opportunity we are presented with to connect and come together. Thank you so much.

I met with several local restaurant owners today to share ideas. Please know that we are all concerned and coming together to help each other and to keep our customers safe. I heard some great ideas that we will be considering/implementing.

I will continue to pray for us all and I will also encourage you to continue to support your favorite places, whether that is MAD taco, another restaurant, clothing stores, coffee shops…

Thank you

COVID-19 Update #1

This is Peter Madden, owner of MAD taco. First, I want to say thank you for the 5-year dining relationship we have shared. I hope that in our efforts we have pleased you more than we have not.

I am posting this statement on our website and in our social media platforms in hopes of conveying our position regarding the Coronavirus situation.

Because of the pandemic, we are rigorously stressing cleanliness both in our restaurants and in our personal lives. Handwashing is a top priority for us. We are also encouraging our team to use best practices when it comes to traveling and associating in areas that may put them at risk.

Additionally, we will be switching over to wrapped plastic utensils as opposed to the exposed wares in our drink stations. We will be looking at other opportunities to alter touch points and we are certainly open to suggestions from our valued customers.

As a business owner in BCS, I am struggling with how to be proactive. I don’t mind telling you that I am afraid of what this may mean for my business, and as a father and husband, I am fearful of the impact on my family. As a man of faith, I pray daily for God to grant me peace and wisdom in my decision-making processes.

I want to share with you some of the things we are implementing and/or considering moving forward. As we have no idea on the financial impact on MAD taco, we are beginning now to minimize expenses as much as possible so that we can focus on those things which give us the best opportunity for success while this situation remains with us.

Products: We may choose to limit various items on our menu to help keep our purchases down. This will mostly impact our bar offerings. So, we may opt not to carry as many vodkas, tequilas, bourbons, etc. so that we can keep our mainstays in stock. The same will apply for our beers. We may opt to keep our more popular offerings available while limiting or suspending those which are slower movers for us. Currently, we do not see this impacting our food items, but, as we continue to move through this process, some of our offerings may be suspended. Please forgive us if we do not have your favorite item when you visit us.

Programs: Currently we have suspended our relationship with Favor (a 3rd party delivery system). You can still have MAD taco delivered to you through Aggiefood. We are also looking at suspending or restructuring our Safe2Save offerings. These programs either represent a cost or a discount to our products, and it seems prudent to halt or alter that for now. We will continue to offer deals on our own app. I apologize, this is not how I envisioned operating; I am trying to make smart decisions based on the information available.

Lastly, I want to thank you all again for your continued support of MAD taco. I will provide updates regarding MAD taco as things evolve, and I will be praying for us all. Best wishes to you and your families.

Thank you

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