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Our Story

MAD taco is not your ordinary “taco shop”. We are not fast food. We use quality ingredients, crafted recipes with sound cooking principles and foundational flavor marriages. This creates Legendary Tacos and Margaritas and a dining experience, not just a way to fill a belly or quench a thirst.

We have created our own unique tortilla, Tamale Bread, which you cannot find anywhere else, and we are braising and grilling whole cuts of meat. We are using fresh juices, fruit purees, and vegetables in our margaritas so they burst with flavor.

And we are MAD about innovation, so every month we are creating new tacos and margaritas for you to try. Sometimes they are based on a country or region, sometimes on a specific food item, but regardless of the theme, these items are always fun and tasty! 

We work hard to meet our own standard of excellence. Why do we do this? Because we don’t want to be a mediocre restaurant, we are MAD about you, and we want you to be MAD about us!



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Mad Taco can cater its food as individual meals or buffet style meals from either of our locations. Tacos of more than 60 typically require buffet style service.

We recommend 2 tacos per person. Some tacos are better suited for caterings and deliveries than others, but we are happy to entertain making all of our tacos available for your event. We may make suggestions or offer alternatives to ensure that your product is as good as it can be.

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