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Monthly Updates

Updates By Peter Madden

June is upon us and it is time for my monthly message. Typically we have two messages, one for updates and another for the MAD about special. This month we will combine them into one. We are not MAD about anything in June, but we are changing the menu a bit.

We are removing one taco, the MAD morning. I know, I know, it is your favorite. Believe me, I struggle with removing items from the menu, especially ones that have been on it since the beginning, 6 years! Here’s some perspective: we sold around 3000 MAD morning’s over the course of 6-7 months. That’s a lot, don’t you think? Well the top seven selling tacos all sold over 6000 in that same period. So you can see the predicament I am in.

But, rejoice, because we are adding a fried chicken taco onto the menu! It is dressed with our yummy green chile ranch, pico and vegetable slaw. We are also adding some salad dressing options. That green chile ranch I mentioned and regular ranch will be available and…. Wait for it…. Avocado vinaigrette! Yes, the same one from the pre-2020 days. That’s really it for menu changes.

The biggest thing to report about the menu change is that in June the prices will increase on most of our items. I am so sorry. Our costs are really getting out of control. Paper and non-food items are significantly higher and many foods are ridiculously high, for lack of a better word. Chicken has almost doubled in price per pound. Beef is up 60-70% just to name a couple of items. I am sure you all understand where our economy is because of the pandemic. There is no need to rehash issues with staffing, supply chain, inflation, etc. This and more are impacting our ability to maintain reasonable prices. Again, I am sorry. I will be monitoring this weekly and hopefully we will not have to raise prices again. Hopefully, we can lower them before the year ends. I hope this makes sense. I spoke with many of my peers and they are all faced with the same situation and are also raising menu prices.

I pray the situation will stabilize and we can revert back to a happier time.

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your continued support.

Peter Madden

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